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Hello Newgrounds.

2010-09-14 04:31:03 by LostVoices

What's going on guys!

been a while since i been on newgrounds and worked in flash. but i watched the 24 in 24 from Hania and James lee being created live on the weekend and thought i would play around with flash again.

i believe the last thing i created was I found a dollar.

anyway i thought id try some lip syncing for the first time ever and it turned out like this

then i watched some drawing technique tutorials using constructs and decided to give that a go

the result is nya...

i will be animating this little bitch who i decided to call cindy for some reason... she looks like a cindy.

oh and a bought a wacom tablet today so hopefully i can improve my drawing.. but right now it's time to relax and maybe sleep as i have a chest infection and headaches and hot flushes and almost fainting and loss of balance.. so a sick at the moment!

seeya soon

Mini-Game Collab

2009-04-05 22:17:30 by LostVoices

it is finally out come check it out

OMG I cant beleive it

2009-04-01 07:42:33 by LostVoices

i can't beleive newgrounds would lock down their forums for an april fools joke thats just plain cruel


2009-04-01 04:19:26 by LostVoices

go april1

New Game in creation

2009-03-06 00:01:36 by LostVoices

So i have always wanted to do a game as i enjoy scripting well i have teamed up with wackwacko and we have begun creating our first game

here is a screenshot

New Game in creation

I Found a Dollar 2

2008-12-21 17:34:03 by LostVoices

Hey y'all

I'm Just wondering what do you guys all think about this music :P


2008-12-21 07:34:49 by LostVoices

Hey Guys thought id share a vid of a mate check it out and rate i :) 1-8&feature=channel

I Found a Dollar - The Song

2008-12-18 03:31:24 by LostVoices

Everyone the song is found here

WOW! Whats going on???

2008-12-18 00:11:36 by LostVoices

I have just found my toon i found a dollar on youtube and about 6 or 7 different flash sites this has never happened to me im in shock :)

I Found a Dollar

2008-12-16 22:41:20 by LostVoices

Well first off thanks Newgrounds you have all been great i'm glad you liked my toon "I found a dollar"

also thanks to Tom for front page :)

after reading all the reviews i have decided the a sequel is in order and is underway as we speak

the sequel will:
be a little longer
it will still be sticks(i will try to do better animation but if i cant i wont :) )
still about $1
and i believe a little more story line to it

if anyone has any recommendations to some music from the ng's portal they would like to hear in it leave a link and i'll check it out and see if it fits with the toon

I'll keep ya all posted as progress is made