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I Found a Dollar

2008-12-16 22:41:20 by LostVoices

Well first off thanks Newgrounds you have all been great i'm glad you liked my toon "I found a dollar"

also thanks to Tom for front page :)

after reading all the reviews i have decided the a sequel is in order and is underway as we speak

the sequel will:
be a little longer
it will still be sticks(i will try to do better animation but if i cant i wont :) )
still about $1
and i believe a little more story line to it

if anyone has any recommendations to some music from the ng's portal they would like to hear in it leave a link and i'll check it out and see if it fits with the toon

I'll keep ya all posted as progress is made


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2008-12-16 22:49:29

Yay! Someone else from Brisbane!

LostVoices responds:

yeah its rare hey ur the 2nd person ive seen


2008-12-17 03:25:44

nice one i hope you'll impress me:D cause "i found a dollar" impressed me AND cheered me up:)

LostVoices responds:

hopefully next one does too


2008-12-17 16:42:01

Can't wait. I love to see more up beat submissions like yours.

LostVoices responds:

cheers once i get it all planned properly ill get it ready


2008-12-17 23:01:46

I found a doller is now my favorite video on newgrounds now

LostVoices responds:

haha that is the best news ever - even better than finding a dollar

let me know what ya like the most about it and i'll try to incorporate that into the next one