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I Found a Dollar 2

2008-12-21 17:34:03 by LostVoices

Hey y'all

I'm Just wondering what do you guys all think about this music :P


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2008-12-21 17:35:15

Use different music

LostVoices responds:

hmmm ok then i'll have a look around


2008-12-21 18:37:04

its way to slow in the beginning i found my self staring at a blue box with next to a fence for like a min or so you should speed it up a little

LostVoices responds:

thats cos its not done i''m only interested in the music


2008-12-21 18:51:59

yeah use different music.

LostVoices responds:

hmm maybe i'll just do a completely different flash


2008-12-22 17:52:07

I think a random animation like I found a Dollar can't have a continuation... maybe you could make another one but funny and short too.

Good Luck!


2008-12-24 22:00:14

hey. logged on now. Im WA so I log on at dif times to u.

yer, liked the clip. was choice.


2008-12-26 15:55:40

First have one peron dancing then more then like ten people until it get to a million


2009-01-23 11:22:36

that's POETRY is what it is

I actually like it, but this time, have him find a 2 DOLLAR BILL!!!

Make like 8 of these, with each successive one being a higher denomination

When he gets to 100, have him be so happy his head explodes right as the music kicks in

But the cool thing is that your animation and art has improved markedly between the two. I suspect that is because the first one was just something u did in 5 minutes, but regardless, I like it, and I wanna see more!!!


2009-02-08 12:10:54

The link didn't work D=


2009-02-26 06:25:27

"404 Not Found" :(

LostVoices responds:

oh yeah this project has been scratched it's gone