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Entry #10

Hello Newgrounds.

2010-09-14 04:31:03 by LostVoices

What's going on guys!

been a while since i been on newgrounds and worked in flash. but i watched the 24 in 24 from Hania and James lee being created live on the weekend and thought i would play around with flash again.

i believe the last thing i created was I found a dollar.

anyway i thought id try some lip syncing for the first time ever and it turned out like this

then i watched some drawing technique tutorials using constructs and decided to give that a go

the result is nya...

i will be animating this little bitch who i decided to call cindy for some reason... she looks like a cindy.

oh and a bought a wacom tablet today so hopefully i can improve my drawing.. but right now it's time to relax and maybe sleep as i have a chest infection and headaches and hot flushes and almost fainting and loss of balance.. so a sick at the moment!

seeya soon


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2010-09-14 08:58:56

Hope you feel better soon! :D (Scotch & Apples help... so I've been told...)

LostVoices responds:

Will find out in 2 weekends away when we drink scotch together!